High school-level Street Law courses strive to empower young people to be active, engaged citizens by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully participate and create change in their communities.

High school-level law courses teach young people about law that is practical and relevant to their lives.

Since 1975, social studies teachers across the United States and beyond have taught Street Law courses to high school students. A Street Law course benefits young people in numerous ways! It provides them with practical, relevant content that they can use in their daily lives, while developing skills that are important for civic and workplace success.

These courses take on many names but are often they are simply called "Street Law." In the United States, the course is typically offered as an elective and uses Street Law: A Course in Practical Law as its foundational text and curriculum. 

Street Law, Inc. authors the text, offers supplementary resources that can be used to enhance law and other social studies courses, and supports teachers through professional development.

Street Law's curriculum and resources can support a variety of social studies needs, including aligning with a number of Common Core English Language Arts literacy standards.

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Cathy Ruffing
Cathy Ruffing
Senior Director, Teacher Professional Development Programs & Curricula


Street Law: A Course in Practical Law is available exclusively from McGraw Hill Education—Street Law, Inc.'s longtime publishing partner.