The world cannot be just and fair without the participation of an informed and engaged public.

If we can’t trust systems that are meant to protect us, what can we trust?
We live in a broken world.
I listen to the news, and I feel helpless.
If only we could learn to listen to one another.
I’m ready to help – what is my next move?

Hope doesn’t always come easy. Hope relies on hard work, perseverance, courage, and collaboration: all necessary to fuel optimism and create change in our communities and our world. For hope to sustain, we need to build the sense of agency in all of us.

Too many people lack the legal and civic knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to solve societal problems and engage effectively in public life. For 50 years, Street Law has worked to change that. Now we’re doubling down on our efforts, expanding our reach, and maximizing our impact.

Street Law recognizes that to achieve an equitable world, all people must understand how law and government work… effectively advocate for themselves and others…and recognize the importance of their role as engaged participants in civic life. We believe that providing this foundation to all people is a community responsibility best accomplished in partnership across sectors. Street Law develops innovative programs and provides the training, tools, and resources so that partners like you can augment your work to foster change.

At Street Law, we realize that hope takes work. We provide the knowledge, skills, and motivation that lead to civic and individual empowerment.

Hard won, but infinitely valuable.

Street Law, Inc. is a global, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has the knowledge and power to shape a more just and equitable society.

Our Mission

We advance civic and law related education to empower all people to positively transform their world.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Practice what we teach.

Inclusion: Elevate diverse voices and lived experiences.

Courage: Take a stand in a world taking sides.

Excellence: Strive for the highest quality in everything we do.

We Don’t Do it Alone

Our spectrum of partners and collaborators is wide: There’s a place for you!

  • Legal professionals and law schools

  • Police officers

  • Classroom teachers

  • School administrators

  • Community organizations

  • Civil society organizations

  • Grassroot activists

  • Social service agencies

  • Courts

  • Juvenile justice programs