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Dear Friend of Street Law,

As we step into 2024, I’m reflecting on the rapid changes unfolding in our world—from technological advancements and international conflicts to deepening societal divides.

These changes reinforce the importance of innovation, adaptability, and perseverance as we work toward our mission of advancing civic and law-related education to empower all people to positively transform their world.

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Ours is a complex goal. Accomplishing it requires effecting change at the grassroots level while simultaneously influencing the systems and structures that govern our lives. 

Looking back at 2023, I’m inspired by how Street Law, Inc. has navigated and contributed to both these arenas. Here’s a snapshot of what we accomplished: 

  • We equipped teachers across the United States to teach about topics related to law, government, civics, and rule of law. Thousands of Street Law-trained teachers work hard each day to prepare and inspire the next generation of informed, active citizens. 
  • We deepened our partnership with the state of Maryland, working to embed strategies for teaching about current and contested public issues into the statewide educational system. 
  • We partnered with corporations and law firms across the United States to expand our Legal Diversity Pipeline Program, exposing more young people to legal knowledge and skills and pathways to careers in the legal profession. 
  • We expanded our Legal Life Skills Program through partnerships with community-based organizations and agencies to teach young people vulnerable to racism and injustice about their rights and responsibilities. 
  • We empowered civil society and grassroots leaders and law school students and faculty through our continued work in Uzbekistan to help build legal literacy and a rule of law culture.  
  • We partnered with ministries and local governments in Jordan, embedding the rule of law as a core aspect of governance, while also equipping the next generation with the knowledge and leadership skillsets needed to advocate for a rule of law culture.   
  • We took steps toward institutionalizing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods within the Pakistani legal community by providing training and curriculum to law faculty and students. 

These triumphs underscore the importance of our dual approach—working to implement citizen-focused work alongside systems-based initiatives. Durable, transformative change is only possible when we tackle issues from both dimensions.

Of course, none of our achievements would have been possible without the relentless dedication of our staff, the wisdom of our board members, and the unwavering support of our partners in classrooms, communities, and beyond. Thank you.   

In 2024, I look forward to continuing our journey together toward our shared vision of a world where everyone has the knowledge and power to shape a more just and equitable society.

With deepest gratitude, 

Ashok Regmi 


Street Law, Inc. 

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