The Legal Life Skills Program teaches young people and adults vulnerable to racism and injustice about their legal rights and responsibilities. It builds participants’ knowledge, day-to-day life skills, and confidence to help them advocate for themselves and their communities.

Bringing vital lessons on everyday legal topics to the communities that need them most.

Street Law partners with corporations and foundations to bring the Legal Life Skills Program to marginalized communities.

The Legal Life Skills Program serves:

  • Youth in the juvenile justice system
  • Youth in the child welfare system
  • Crossover youth who are impacted by multiple systems
  • Youth in alternative education settings
  • Re-entry youth and adults
  • Homeless youth and adults
  • LGBTQ+ youth
  • Girls and young women
  • Survivors of domestic violence
  • Immigrants and refugees

Through training, curriculum, and support, Street Law builds the capacity of organizations and agencies to teach lessons that boost participants’ legal knowledge and build key life skills.

The program spans four units that cover:

  1. Housing and Employment Law
  2. Financial Literacy
  3. Personal and Public Safety
  4. The Court System, Public Policy, and Civic Engagement

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Bianca Rizzio
Program Coordinator


We have worked with: Anthem, Netflix, the Department of Justice, the Verizon Foundation, and more!