At a time when our society is deeply divided on many critical issues, we have a responsibility to help one another understand our differences and work toward finding points of agreement. The common good depends upon it.

Street Law is committed to building bridges across differences. We do it by cultivating the skills that help people grapple with contentious issues. We deliver on that commitment through proven methodologies, interscholastic and intercultural exchanges, and by connecting communities with systems meant to serve them.


My students were able to not only express their opinion, but they were able to understand other perspectives.”


Aurora, Colorado, USA


  • Helped school systems build teacher capacity to facilitate deliberative conversations where students examine contentious issues and seek common ground.

  • Granted over 18,000 teachers access to discussion guides on public issues like voting, democracy, hate speech, minimum wage, and more.

  • Implemented the Police & Teens Program, which allows young people and law enforcement to engage in constructive dialogue.

  • Facilitated intercultural exchanges between teachers in the United States, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

  • Brought together leading Islamists and secular democrats from MENA nations to develop a textbook and educational campaign on the intersection between Islam and democracy.

Scaled Impact

We broaden our reach and increase our impact through leveraged collaborations. We develop, pilot, and partner with existing organizations at home and abroad.

  • Introduced Street Law teaching methods in 45 countries.

  • Worked with a major publisher to modify our high school government text to include deliberation and other student-centered approaches to learning.

  • Partnered with the U.S. Department of Education to bring teaching methodologies for discussing contested public policy to all Maryland school districts.

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Jen Wheeler
Jen Wheeler
Senior Director, Teacher Professional Development Programs & Curricula