The Police & Teens Program prepares and connects police and school resource officers, school districts and educators, community organizations, and other child-serving stakeholders to help young people build knowledge, skills, and confidence to become civically engaged community members.

Facilitating an exploratory dialogue that builds empathy, awareness, and trust between young people and police.

Street Law provides training and curriculum for law enforcement officers to deliver the Police & Teens Program in schools and communities. 

Street Law has a rich history of bringing together young people and law enforcement officers to build relationships while learning about the law. We have worked hard to reflect, discuss, and change to help ensure an equitable program that reflects the voices of the young people and communities it serves.

Through the Police & Teens Program, we facilitate and encourage exploratory dialogue that builds empathy, awareness, and trust between students and law enforcement officers and uplifts the voices of young people who are most vulnerable to racism and injustice. 

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Contact us to learn how your law enforcement agency can implement the Police & Teens Program. Our team will follow up with you to discuss specific opportunities and pricing.  

Jill Adams
Program Manager


We have worked with: Baltimore County Police Department, Little Rock Police Department, U.S. Department of Justice, and more!