Civic health is key for the smooth functioning of our society. A practical knowledge of how law and government work provides individuals with the acumen to collaborate, address challenges, and solve problems in their communities.

From education to action, Street Law’s work spans school districts and community-based organizations across the United States and around the world.


I understand the laws and how they work and why they are enforced.”

High School Student

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


  • Developed civic education curricula and interactive teaching methods used by schools across the country.

  • Equipped teachers to integrate proven best practices in civic education into their classrooms.

  • Partnered with the Supreme Court Historical Society to provide teachers with unique insights into the U.S. Supreme Court and its cases, including skills and materials to share with students learning about the judicial branch of government.

  • Built the capacity of the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine to develop a national framework for civic education.

  • Created a high school-level elective law course and authored an accompanying textbook that has been adopted by hundreds of school districts coast-to-coast.

Scaled Impact

We broaden our reach and increase our impact through leveraged collaborations. We develop, pilot, and partner with existing organizations at home and abroad.

  • Strengthened Chicago Public School System’s capacity by training educators to teach newly mandated, statewide civics requirements.

  • Partnered with the Arizona Department of Education to support high school teachers and adult education teachers in accordance with the state’s new learning standards.

  • Pioneered the first high school mock trial competition, which is now a nationwide activity with a program in every state and the District of Columbia.

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Cathy Ruffing
Cathy Ruffing
Senior Director, Teacher Professional Development Programs & Curriculum