Street Law works directly with state departments of education, school districts, and schools to design custom teacher professional development around topics related to law, government, current contested issues, and interactive teaching strategies.

help your teachers be the best educators they can be.

With more than four decades of experience designing and delivering teacher professional development, Street Law is well-positioned to help your teachers be the best educators they can be. Our team is made up of former classroom teachers, curriculum writers, and legal experts.

Street Law professional development can provide instruction about fundamental topics in government and law, including the legal and judicial systems, the U.S. Constitution, rule of law, and federalism. We cover current public issues like Supreme Court cases, immigration, voting and elections, gun laws, search and seizure, and civil rights and liberties.

We develop teacher capacity to use engaging, skill-building instructional strategies like deliberations and simulations (e.g., mock trial, moot court, negotiation, dispute resolution, etc.).

We design our professional development opportunities help schools meet state and district-level requirements, support educators, and align with students’ interests. We work directly with administrators and educators to determine the ideal content mix and program length.

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Contact us to learn how Street Law can help with your teacher professional development needs. Our team will follow up with you to discuss specific opportunities and pricing.

Jen Wheeler
Jen Wheeler
Senior Director, Teacher Professional Development & Curriculum


We have worked with: the Arizona Adult Education Services, Arizona Department of Education, Baltimore County Schools,
Chicago Public Schools, Maryland Department of Education, and more!