Law schools around the globe operate “street law” programs in which law students teach non-lawyers about law, the legal system, and the fundamental principles of democracy.

Law students teaching about law in local high schools and communities.

Law students trained in interactive teaching pedagogy teach high school students, marginalized populations, and others the basic information, skills, and attitudes they need to thrive as active members of their society.

Since the first street law program began at Georgetown in 1972, hundreds of law schools have developed their own programs based on the Georgetown model. Today, an estimated 200 law schools operate Street Law programs around the globe.

Street Law, Inc. (the organization) grew out of the original program at Georgetown University law school. For more than five decades, we have helped law schools establish and sustainably implement their own Street Law programs.

We are proud participants in the robust global network of law school-based street law programs. Alumni of street law programs can be found in governments, corporations, and law firms worldwide.

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Want to start a street law program at your law school? Street Law, Inc. can help. We provide coaching and advice to faculty, law students, and administrators, as well as planning, implementation, and evaluation resources to help with effective program management.


Amy Wallace
Advisor, Law School Programs

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