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Street Law for Police & Teens - 2016

Street Law for Police & Teens
Author information

Lena Morreale Scott

senior program director

Grades 8-12

In 2016, Street Law revised and updated its curriculum for school resource officers and expanded it for use in community settings.

The four-unit, 20-lesson plan curriculum is easy to follow and full of interactive strategies that promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Group discussions and hands-on activities help participants explore the roles and responsibilities of both police officers and members of the community. The result is an open, two-way dialogue that builds the following:

  • Understanding of the officers' role in the community;
  • Ability of students and/or community members to voice their concerns;
  • Empathy for the role of the police officers;
  • Awareness of the needs of the public; and
  • Mutual trust between police and students and/or community members.

Lesson Index

Unit One: Community Policing—Working Together for Safer Communities & Schools

  • Making Our Communities Safer Together
  • Cops on Call & on the Beat
  • Introduction to the Rule of Law
  • Community Policing & the Rule of Law
  • Crime Scene: Are You a Good Witness?

Unit Two: Police Procedures/Your Rights & Responsibilities

  • Traffic Stops: Your Rights & Responsibilities
  • Police Searches: Lawful Procedures & Fourth Amendment Protections
  • Police Searches in Schools
  • Rights & Responsibilities During an Arrest
  • Use of Force or Deadly Force

Unit Three: Crimes, Law, & Policy

  • Introduction to Criminal Law: Should It Be a Crime?
  • Writing, Interpreting, & Enforcing Laws
  • Restorative Justice & Supporting Victims of Crime
  • Racial Profiling
  • Evaluating Solutions to End Racial Profiling

Unit Four: Personal Safety and Health

  • Bullying & Intimidation
  • Cyberbullying
  • Alcohol, Risk, & Liability
  • Dating & Sexual Assault
  • Child Abuse & Neglect: Reducing Risk. Building Resilience.

Questions? Contact Yolanda Johnson.

Sample Lesson

Police & Teens sample lesson: Making Our Communities Safer Together

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