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Street Law for Police & Teens - 2016

Street Law for Police & Teens
Author information

Lena Morreale Scott

senior program director

Grades 8-12

In 2016, Street Law revised and updated its curriculum for school resource officers and expanded it for use in community settings.

The four-unit, 20-lesson plan curriculum is easy to follow and full of interactive strategies that promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Group discussions and hands-on activities help participants explore the roles and responsibilities of both police officers and members of the community. The result is an open, two-way dialogue that builds the following:

  • Understanding of the officers' role in the community;
  • Ability of students and/or community members to voice their concerns;
  • Empathy for the role of the police officers;
  • Awareness of the needs of the public; and
  • Mutual trust between police and students and/or community members.

The curriculum includes access to useful web-based resources that further equip police officers to teach, including detailed teaching strategy instructions, presentation slides to accompany the lessons, extension activities, and tips for using the lessons effectively in both school and community settings.  

Lesson Index

Unit One: Community Policing—Working Together for Safer Communities & Schools

  • Making Our Communities Safer Together
  • Cops on Call & on the Beat
  • Introduction to the Rule of Law
  • Community Policing & the Rule of Law
  • Crime Scene: Are You a Good Witness?

Unit Two: Police Procedures/Your Rights & Responsibilities

  • Traffic Stops: Your Rights & Responsibilities
  • Police Searches: Lawful Procedures & Fourth Amendment Protections
  • Police Searches in Schools
  • Rights & Responsibilities During an Arrest
  • Use of Force or Deadly Force

Unit Three: Crimes, Law, & Policy

  • Introduction to Criminal Law: Should It Be a Crime?
  • Writing, Interpreting, & Enforcing Laws
  • Restorative Justice & Supporting Victims of Crime
  • Racial Profiling
  • Evaluating Solutions to End Racial Profiling

Unit Four: Personal Safety and Health

  • Bullying & Intimidation
  • Cyberbullying
  • Alcohol, Risk, & Liability
  • Dating & Sexual Assault
  • Child Abuse & Neglect: Reducing Risk. Building Resilience.

Questions? Contact Yolanda Johnson.

Sample Lesson

Police & Teens sample lesson: Making Our Communities Safer Together

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