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Lawyers & Law Students Teaching in the Community - First edition, 2005

Lawyers & Law Students Teaching in the Community
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Appropriate for grades 8 and up

This publication helps lawyers and law students bring practical law to their communities. The manual contains 15 time-tested lesson plans and implementation strategies for lawyers and law students to guide their teaching in community-based settings.   

Recruiting lawyers and law students to teach in community settings is key to helping spread public legal education to marginalized communities and support overtaxed staff and under-funded organizations. The benefits come not only in bringing practical legal information and skills to people often shut-out of the legal process, but also in providing lawyers and law students with an efficient and rewarding way to use their legal skills to benefit the community.

Register your law school's Street Law program and access these lessons for free!

This manual is available at no charge to law schools who have registered their Street Law program with Street Law, Inc.


Please contact Lee Arbetman with questions about this publication. 

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