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Juvenile Justice

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Over 40 years of educating about law, democracy, and human rights

Street Law's juvenile justice program provides practical assistance to people teaching about law and public policy to students in the juvenile justice system. The manual is also a valuable supplement to existing law-related education, citizenship, or civics programs.

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Students participating in effectively taught Street Law lessons will be able to:

  • Discuss the laws and the legal system that are part of their everyday life;
  • Interact positively with agency staff, with community members (who serve as classroom resources), and with each other;
  • Demonstrate improved communication skills;
  • Solve problems in a socially acceptable manner; and
  • Examine the roles of lawyers, law enforcement officers, and others in the justice and correctional systems.

Law-related education shows special promise for being able to reach students who cannot be reached through traditional teaching.  Program instructors have observed that students respond to these lessons with excitement and their classroom behavior improves. By helping children understand rules and the reasons for them, the lessons also lay the foundation for strengthening each child's belief in the validity of the system. Using law-related education as a vehicle, juvenile justice professionals can engage youth in a positive educational program that develops valuable skills and healthy behaviors.

Street Law for Juvenile Justice Programs manual

The Street Law for Juvenile Justice Programs manual provides practical assistance to people who teach students in the juvenile justice system about law and public policy. The manual is also a valuable supplement to existing law-related education, citizenship, or civics programs.

  • Appropriate for grades 8-12
  • No longer available; being replaced by Legal Life Skills curriculum

Customized Trainings for Juvenile Justice Professionals

Street Law can design and conduct training seminars using our manual: Street Law for Juvenile Justice Programs.  We frequently provide a two-day training workshop for up to 20 personnel who will teach the Street Law lessons to students or clients.  This workshop will include all materials and a Street Law manual for each participant.   We then conduct a follow-up meeting within 12 weeks with participants that use the lessons.  

Street Law can also provide classroom or dayroom observations of the teachers followed by meetings to review successes and problems identified by instructor and Street Law, as well as co-teaching and technical assistance.

To learn more about training possibilities, contact Yolanda Johnson.


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