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Legal Community Comes Together to Raise Crucial Funds for Street Law

Street Law, Inc.

Over 40 years of educating about law, democracy, and human rights

Legal Community Comes Together to Raise Crucial Funds for Street Law

Guests at Street Law’s recent Awards Dinner—a mix of legal professionals, educators, students, and civic education enthusiasts—cheered in amazement as the “fundraising thermometer” projected onscreen got higher and higher with each passing moment. Using a service called Txt2Give, attendees used their cell phones to donate funds in support of expanded Street Law programming for young people. Over $34,000 was donated in a matter of minutes!

In addition to a delicious dinner, attendees were treated to remarks by Mark Klarman, teacher at Vanguard High School in New York City and recipient of this year’s Educator of the Year Award; and Brent Timberlake, a Senior Associate General Counsel at Capital One, who accepted the Excellence in Service Award on behalf of the company (see Mark's talk and Brent's talk). For a second year in row, Quinn Emanuel's Chris Landau served as the Master of Ceremonies.

The Awards Dinner was preceded by the Best Practices Workshop for Diversity Pipeline Program volunteers. Participants met and shared knowledge with their peers from other Legal Diversity Pipeline Program sites. Following the Best Practices Workshop, many guests mixed, mingled and met the 2018 honorees at the Honorees' Reception.

Honorees were introduced by stellar young people, including Eduardo Calixto, a senior at Vanguard High School, and Trei Young, an alumnae of Capital One’s Street Law program at Armstrong High School in Richmond, VA.

Brittney Booze, a former Street Law participant through St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth and Families, introduced the fundraising effort of the evening, sharing her inspirational story of how Street Law’s Legal Life Skills classes helped her find her civic voice. (See Brittney's talk.)

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude for all who helped raise crucial funds for Street Law's programs through the 2018 Awards Dinner. More than 65 law firms and companies sponsored the event, and numerous individuals contributed via the Text2Give campaign (their names are listed below).

Michele Adeleye
Joseph Antel
Lee Arbetman
Alexandra Ashbrook
Joseph Atkins
Clifford Barnes
Tricia Beckmann
Edward Berger
Davina Patterson Biddle
Kerem Bilge
Baker Botts
Noah Brumfield
Emily Bullis
James Burch
Patrick Campbell
Rodney Carter
Lauren Champaign
Renauld Clarke
Joseph Conahan
Dawn Conrad
Chris Cook
Mark Cuevas
James Czaban
Amanda Czocher
Jennifer Davlin
Maria De Gracia
William Deckelman
Aimee DeFilippo
Carolyn DeLone
Elizabeth Dewey
Galina Duckworth
Deena Dulgerian
Michelle Edwards
Gabriella Fahrer
Paul Ferak
Tim Fitzgibbon
Rachel Fleischer
Thomas Franklin
John Frantz
Meredith Fuchs
Natalie Furniss
Paul Galvin
Michelle Gambino
William Garcia
Cyrus Garmestani
Kate Gaudry
Peter Gee
Jeanne Gills
David Goodsir
Alma Graham
Joe Granzotto
Charles Grell
Jamie Groppuso
Matt Haddad
David Haga
Amy Dunathan Hammer
Joshua Handelsman
Megan Hanson
Allison Hawkins
David Healy
Elizabeth Hein
Matt Hellman
Scott Hershman
Chris Higgins
Robert Hoegle
Dan Hofmeister
E Desmond Hogan
Craig Hoover
Mark Howard
Michael Hulka
Jennifer Jackson
Elizabeth James
Douglas Jasinski
Elizabeth Finn Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Crystal Kaldjob
Shreyas Kale
Jessica Kaufman
Jeffrey Kirsh
Mark Klarman
Kimberly Klinsport
Bryan Kohm
Kelly Koscuiszka
Evan Ladd
Chris Landau
Timothy Lee
CN Lemon
Adam Levin
Hannah Levinson
Nicholas Lewis
Jennifer Lowe
Vivian Lu
John Mahoney
Ceyda Maisami
Jeremy Mandell
Karen Markman
James McCabe
James McGuire
Marissa McKeever
JE McNeil
Ailia Mehtab
Francis Mendez
Karen Wade Meyer
Stuart Meyer
Donna Miller
Meg Milroy
Candice Mitchell
Kasdin Mitchell
Christopher Moore
Cortney Morgan
Christophe Mosby
Peter Muniz
Erin Murphy
Cory Myers
Edward Newell
Sonni Nolan
Brittany Norfleet
Rohan Oberoi
Tim O'Brien
Kaitlyn O'Hara
Christopher Ondeck
Steve Otero
Timothy Pearce
Tara Pellicori
James Phalen
Joshua Pond
Roy Prather
Akshar Rajeev
Deborah Read
Cailyn Reilly Knapp
James Remington
Thomas Reynolds
Charles Rhodes
Eileen Ridley
LeighAnn Smith Rosenberg
Tonya Rutherford
Teresa Rutter
Karam Saab
Feras Sadik
Stephen Salsbury
J. Wesley Samples
Lena Morreale Scott
Richard Scott
William (Frank) Scott
Adam Shartzer
Carrie Sheehan
Carrie Siegrist
Jerry Silber
Douglas Smith
Tarrah Smith
Jenna Stern
Olivia Stevens
Justin Sumner
Steve Sumner
Dana Thomas
Brent Timberlake
Natalie Toumazos
Ernest Tuckett
Michael Tuteur
Carrie Valiant
Jennifer Van Dame
Samir Varma
Amy Wallace
Kendall Waters
Matthew Webb
Megan Whitney
David Wilson
Emily Wilson
Jack Wilson
Stacy Wipfler
Sheila Wright
Hang Xian
Amelia Yowell
Karen Zacharia
Lori Zyskowski