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Legal Community Comes Together to Raise Funds for New Domestic Violence Education Program

Street Law, Inc.

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Legal Community Comes Together to Raise Funds for New Domestic Violence Education Program

Elizabeth Finn Johnson and Susan Hackett in action!

Street Law's annual Awards Dinner generates essential support for our programs and celebrates our advocates and educators from around the world. However, at the 2016 event, a generous group of dinner guests were the true champions! 

With the help of two enthusiastic and persuasive board members, Susan Hackett and Elizabeth Finn Johnson, attendees were invited to help support the development of a new program that will bring Street Law's empowering legal life skills lessons to survivors of domestic violence. 

Within a matter of minutes, 74 of our guests came together to raise the funds necessary to pilot this important new initiative in the Washington, DC-Baltimore area. A big thank you to the following donors for their generosity: 

  • Jason Abel
  • Nicole Allen
  • Haroon Anwar
  • Lee Arbetman
  • Alex Arca
  • Kathleen Bardell
  • Gary Barnes
  • Carter Beck
  • Briana Black
  • Abigail Blomstrom
  • Marla Butler
  • Scott L. Campbell
  • Leo Casey
  • Lauren Champaign
  • Floyd Chapman
  • Charles J Clark
  • Lucie Cohen
  • Bill Deckelman
  • Robert DeRise
  • Tom Diemer
  • Nick Dingezdein
  • Stacy Farrar
  • Tim Fitzgibbon
  • David Folds
  • David Goodsir
  • David Goodsir
  • Meaghan Griffith
  • Karen Grisez
  • Susan Hackett
  • James Scott Hardin
  • Christina Hecker
  • Adam Hoffinger
  • Dan Hofmeister
  • Craig Hoover
  • Michael Howson
  • Jeff Jensen
  • Christine Johnson
  • Richard B. Katskee
  • Rebecca Katz
  • Rachel Lee
  • James Leipold
  • Amanda Leiter
  • Jerry Linscott
  • Jennifer Lowe
  • Ginger McCauley
  • Keith Meadelson
  • Kwame Mensah
  • Joe Metro
  • Christophe Mosby
  • Kate O'Leary
  • James Phalen
  • Caroline Pinkston
  • Scott Pojunas
  • Lisa Prager
  • Kevin & Alice Reilly
  • Veta Richardson
  • Christopher Rockers
  • Joel Rogers
  • Kelly Rolb
  • Andrea Shandell
  • Ed Stubbers
  • Steve Sumner
  • Mary Sylvia
  • Ernest Tuckett
  • Michael Tuteur
  • Judy Vaccaro
  • Maurice Watson
  • Andrew Waxman
  • Randi Weingarten
  • Eric Wolf Welch
  • Jack Young
  • Shaun Zhang
  • Jennifer Ziegenhorn

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