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Street Law Embarks on New Way to Teach about the Rule of Law

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Street Law Embarks on New Way to Teach about the Rule of Law

Street Law is excited to produce lessons for three different classroom settings based on the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index®.

The Index® is a tool that creates a comprehensive picture of the extent to which 97 countries follow the rule of law. Data is collected through questionnaires administered to experts and the general public that measure the following factors:

  1. Limited government powers
  2. Absence of corruption
  3. Order and security
  4. Fundamental rights
  5. Open government
  6. Regulatory enforcement
  7. Civil justice
  8. Criminal justice
  9. Informal justice

Street Law and the World Justice Project recently held a conference with educators to brainstorm ideas for programming and curricula development.

Street Law will develop lesson plans to teach about the Index® in high school government classes in the United States and in a variety of teaching sites internationally. The lessons will teach young people what the rule of law is, where and to what extent it is practiced, and its relevance to their lives. With this knowledge, students will be better equipped to be informed and engaged citizens.