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19th Annual Supreme Court Summer Institute

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19th Annual Supreme Court Summer Institute

2012 Supreme Court Summer Institute participants

Street Law is excited to embark on its 19th Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers! This year 60 teachers from 33 states are attending the Institute to improve the way they teach about the highest court in the United States.

Participating teachers will learn about the history of the Supreme Court, how a case gets to the Supreme Court, the nominations process, approaches to constitutional interpretation, and a selection of cases from the 2012–2013 term. Teachers will leave the Institute proficient in a variety of interactive strategies to teach students about the Court and its cases and access to a multitude of print, online, and video media and curricula about the Court.

Street Law implements the Institute with the support of the Supreme Court Historical Society, which gives teachers behind-the-scenes access to the Court. The sessions are facilitated by Street Law staff and noteworthy Supreme Court experts. This year’s session topics and resource people include the following:

  • Introduction to Supreme Court Practice by Tom Goldstein, partner at Goldstein & Russell and co-founder of SCOTUSBlog, and Patty Millet, partner at Akin Gump and head of the firm’s Supreme Court practice
  • Nominating a Justice to the Court with panelists Kristi Remington, principal at Blank Rome Government Relations, and Susan Davies, of counsel at Kirkland & Ellis and former deputy counsel to President Obama
  • Meeting with the Clerk’s Office where teachers will meet with Cynthia Rapp and Gary Kemp, deputy clerks of the Court
  • Media Coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court featuring journalists Lyle Denniston, dean of the Supreme Court press corps and SCOTUSblog correspondent, and Adam Liptak, Supreme Court correspondent for the New York Times

This year teachers will extensively learn about the following cases from this term:

  • Fisher v. University of Texas
  • Shelby County v. Holder
  • Hollingsworth v. Perry
  • U.S. v. Windsor
  • Florida v. Jardines
  • Maryland v. King

Teachers will attend decisions at the Court and could witness history if Fisher v. University of Texas, Shelby County v. Holder, Hollingsworth v. Perry, or U.S. v. Windsor are announced.

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