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Allstate's Chicago Staff Counsel Teach Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

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The following was excerpted from Allstate's Department of Law and Regulation intranet:

The Chicago Staff Counsel in partnership with Street Law, Vital Communities, and The Illinois Family and Children Services completed their first round of presentations for Youth in Transition at Lawrence Hall on November 17, 2011.  This new community service initiative of Youth in Transition was an interactive presentation between employees from the Chicago Staff Counsel and young adults from Lawrence Hall.  Many of these young adults are in transition into adulthood and emancipation from foster care.  There were a total of six presentations over the course of seven weeks with each presentation focusing on topics to assist with the transition into independence.  Chicago Staff Counsel Attorneys Stacy Walker and Terry Mueller coordinated and spearheaded this community service project which was a smashing success.  A request has been made for a second round of presentations by Allstate and the Chicago Staff Counsel in 2012.  The participants who gave up their time and efforts to spend quality time with the young adults include:  Joan Gilmore, Gerard Gregoire, Steve Loverde, Stephanie Robinson, Lucia Montano, Tammy Doran, Shoshan Reddington, Adam Coombe, Denise Tucker and Valerie Davis.