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New Street Law Materials for Vulnerable Youth are Available

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Interested in teaching Street Law to youth in the juvenile justice system or transitioning out of foster care?  New Street Law lesson manuals are available featuring step-by-step instructions, interactive methods, and implementation strategies targeted at these populations.  Designed to help vulnerable youth learn practical legal information, life skills, and how to access community resources, the Street Law lessons help develop basic communication and problem solving skills.

  • Street Law for Juvenile Justice Settings – Second Edition: Newly revised and updated for use with teens involved in the juvenile justice system.  Lesson topics include: understanding the juvenile justice system, teen curfews, crime and consequences, police and arrests, and education law.
  • Youth In Transition- Second Edition: Practical lessons for teens who are aging out of foster care, homeless or in runaway programs, this manual includes lessons on credit, finding housing, employment, minors and adults, and the foster care system.
  • Street Law for Lawyers and Law Students Teaching in the Community:  Designed to help non-educators teach practical law in community settings that serve the homeless and other vulnerable populations.  A variety of lessons in practical law are presented and easily built into courses of different lengths or around different topics.  Ideal for law students, law firms, and in-house legal departments. 

For ordering information and training opportunities, contact Allison Hawkins.

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