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Winner of the Supreme Court Week Lesson Plan Contest

Law Student Lesson Plan about the Establishment Clause

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Winner of the Supreme Court Week Lesson Plan Contest

This year, Street Law hosted its first Supreme Court Lesson Plan Contest in honor of Supreme Court Week, marking the start of the 2009-10 U.S. Supreme Court Term.

The winning lesson plan comes from Rob Weaver, a second-year law student at the University of Miami law school.  Rob participates in the Miami Street Law program, one of more than 70 public legal education programs at law schools around the country.  Law students in these programs partner with local high schools, jails, juvenile justice facilities or community centers to teach the public about practical law.

Rob’s lesson plan focuses on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, teaching students about the Supreme Court’s precedents in this area of the law and the tests the Court has developed for deciding Establishment Clause cases.  Students then go on to make arguments for both sides of a fictional case involving the institution of a comparative religion course at a high school.

For submitting the winning lesson plan, Rob receives a Street Law Supreme Court gift pack, including Street Law’s Classroom Guide to Mock Trials and Moot Courts, May It Amuse the Court: Editorial Cartoons of the Supreme Court and Constitution, the PBS Documentary The Supreme Court and Street Law’s accompanying lesson plans, Street Law merchandise, and more. 

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