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Teaching about Miranda warnings

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Teaching about <i>Miranda</i> warnings

During the 2009-10 term, the U.S. Supreme Court considered several cases about Miranda warnings—the statements law enforcement must make to suspects prior to custodial interrogation, informing them of their rights.  Here, we have collected a variety of teaching resources, both on the original case of Miranda v. Arizona, and on the issues regarding these warnings over the past 44 years. 

Introduction—Miranda v. Arizona, recently renovated and updated, provides background reading on the case, activities to help students understand it and the constitutional issues involved, activities to explore more recent developments, excerpts and summaries of the decision, and answers and information for teachers.

Recent cases

Florida v. Powell (2010)

Maryland v. Shatzer 

Berghuis v. Thomkins

Street Law summaries of other Supreme Court cases about Miranda warnings

Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

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