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Fall 2013 Breakfast with a Civil Rights Legend sites and volunteers

Street Law, Inc.

Over 40 years of educating about law, democracy, and human rights

Our Breakfast with a Legend program teaches young people about rules and laws and the importance of community involvement through a series of lessons and classroom visits.

For the Closing the Gap initiative, we recruited volunteers who lived during the African American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s to serve as Legends and to share their life’s experiences over breakfast. College students, law students, and members of the community also participated.

Thank you to the following participating schools, volunteers, and Legends for making this program a success: 

Baltimore, MD

New Haven, CT

  • School: Elm City School
  • Volunteers: Bianca Rey and Rebecca Steinberg (Yale)
  • Legend: Alderwoman Angela Russell

New Brunswick, NJ

  • School: McKinley Community School
  • Volunteers: Martin Mason and Karlyn Adams-Wiggins (Rutgers University)
  • Legend: Jane Curry

Washington, DC

  • School: Friendship Charter School Woodridge Campus
  • Volunteers: Beatrice Diehl (Georgetown University Law Center) and Matt Williams (University of the District of Columbia School of Law) 
  • Legends: Clara Coleman & Ed O'Brien