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P.R.E.S. method

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This method provides students with a tool to develop their arguments and opinions.  It helps them clarify their thoughts and articulate and present their opinions clearly and concisely. The P.R.E.S. method provides a useful format for conducting controversial issue discussions and public policy lessons. 

  1. Post or provide a handout with the four steps in the P.R.E.S. method.
    • P  State your point of view
    • R  Give one reason for your point of view
    • E  Give an example to clarify your reason
    • S  Summarize your point of view
  2. Clarify the steps and answer any questions.  Give an example of each step.  An example of the formula is:
    • P  I am opposed to people smoking inside.
    • R  Smoking is unhealthy for the smoker as well as the non-smokers in the room.
    • E  Research has showed that second-hand smoke causes cancer.
    • S  I am opposed to people smoking inside because of the negative health afftect on non-smokers.
  3. Ask volunteers to use the P.R.E.S. method on an issue of their choosing.
  4. Answer questions students might have to ensure thier understanding of the method.
  5. When all the students understand how to successfully use the P.R.E.S. formula begin the activity.
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