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The participants share selected information about the subject with other classmates. This method is good for building participant interest when introducing a unit or summarizing the points learned when ending a unit.

  1. Prepare fact cards or strips. Put a fact about the lesson on a 3" x 5" card or a strip of paper, one per participant.
  2. Distribute one card to each participant.
  3. Each participant should spend a few minutes reading the information on the card. The teacher should circulate the room and check that participants understand the information they have received.
  4. Tell the participants to circulate around the room and teach their fact to one person at a time, until they have spoken to every person.
  5. Participants may talk with only one participant at a time. The object is to share a fact and learn one from the other participant.
  6. When participants have completed the activity, ask participants to share something they learned from another participant with the class.
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