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Parents and the Law addenda

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If you have already purchased the Parents and the Law manual, your manual references the addenda.  Some manuals came with a CD-ROM containing these items, but newer manuals require you to download these files.  This helps Street Law to ensure that you have access to the most current versions of the files.   

Local Law Adaptions

The last page of each lesson of the Parents the Law manual contains a Local Laws and Procedures Addendum.  This handout compiles the questions from each lesson that you must answer to adapt laws, procedures, and resources to reflect your area.   The .pdf below contains all of these handouts. 

Parents and Law: Local Law Adaptations

Where to Go for More Information

Almost every lesson contains a Where to Go for More Information handout that should be discussed and distributed to the class.  These handouts describe national and community resources and provide a ready reference for participants to use the legal information gained in each class.  It is important to customize the handouts to reflect local information.  The .pdf below contains all of these handouts in English and Spanish. 

Parents and the Law: Where to Go for More Information


Street Law provides the assessment section of the manual as a Word file below so that it can be custimized and formatted to meet the unique needs of your class.

Parents and the Law: Assessment


The Word document below allows you to personalize the certificate of completion for each student.