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Civil mock trials

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These mock trials are free for use by teachers in their classrooms and/or with their mock trial teams. Additional uses are prohibited. For information on additional uses of these mock trials, contact Allison Hawkins.

After receiving numerous text messages and MyFace posts from a fellow student, a high school freshman sues his/her classmate for intentional infliction of emotional distress and the school system for negligent supervision.


A 19-year-old student sues the police department for battery, false arrest, and intentional infliction of emotional distress against after an incident with a Swiss Army Knife.


The mother of a graduating high school senior sues the Metro City School District for educational malpractice.


A police officer shoots a pit bull whose owner witnessed a dispute between the officer and a civilian.


A woman sues her employer, the District of Columbia, for sexual harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.


A school resource officer is fired from Amity High School and sues his former employer.


A woman accuses her husband of multiple instances of domestic violence.


A father sues the New Columbia County School District for damages after his son dies from a heart attack caused by excessive steroid use.


NAAH has brought suit against a trust that funded the conversion of a private residence into a

group home for AIDS patients, claiming it is in violation of local zoning ordinances.


The parents of an AIDS patient sue Metro City for negligence when their son dies of pindiatosis after drinking tap water from the city’s contaminated pipes.


A woman sues a sexual partner for negligent transmission of HIV.


After a five-year-old is severely wounded from a gunshot wound, a mother is sued for negligent storage of a firearm and negligent supervision of the minor child responsible for bringing the gun into the home.


The parent of a three-year-old sues a day care center for negligence after the child breaks his arm under staff supervision.


Theresa  Swope

Love your site. Thank You! One suggestion I have, aligning State Standards (NGSSS for FL) to all this wonderful information you are providing for us educators.

Said Dibinga

This is an awesome resource! Thank you for taking the time to make this available to Law teachers such as myself...

Frank  Elizondo

This stuff is AMAZING!!!

Emeka James Kalu

This is a huge boost and motivation for new schools of law, especially in developing countries like ours. Thank and keep it up.

Simone Soncini

Barozzi infame per te solo lame!

Ranen A
Ranen A said

LOVE this site. AWESOME

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