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Information for schools considering participation

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Has a law firm, bar association, or other legal organization apporoached your school about participating in Street Law’s Breakfast with a Legend™ program? The information below will prove helpful to teachers and school administrators considering participation.

Benefits to students and schools

Fifth graders at J.C. Nalle Elementary School pose with their Legend, Judge José López, Superior Court of the District of Columbia

Research indicates that the average time a child talks in a positive manner with an adult is less than seven minutes a day.  This underscores the need for sustained interaction with positive adult role models, and legal professionals can help meet this important need.   Through carefully structured, interactive lessons, children in the Breakfast with a Legend program can have positive experiences with adults.

Students participating in Street Law’s Breakfast with a Legend™ program also reap certain academic benefits. Through active learning students gain knowledge of practical information about the law and the importance of civic participation. Their reading and comprehension skills are enhanced through creative, interactive educational activities. Throughout the program students keep journals of their experiences, which helps strengthen their writing skills.

Teachers are encouraged to use enhancement activities that deepen students’ connections to their
communities. Examples of these activities include designing posters, field trips, and oral history projects.

Roles and expectations of schools and classroom teachers

The classroom teachers attend the training with the volunteers from the sponsoring legal organization and are asked to commit to six visits.

It is important that classroom teachers prepare their students for the visitors and provide classroom management during the sessions.  This allows the volunteers and Legends to focus on providing a focused and enriching learning experience for the students.  Teachers are also encouraged to allot time for students to write in their journals and share their experiences with each other.

About the lesson plans

Street Law, Inc. has decades of experience in curriculum development and has developed dozens of publications on practical law, crime prevention, conflict resolution, and youth advocacy for use in school systems, juvenile justice facilities, and community settings. 

Our lesson plans are easy to use and full of practical content and interactive teaching strategies.  Use the links below to read about the lesson plans used in the Breakfast with a Legend™ program and to view one complete lesson plan.     

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Contact: If you are a teacher or school administrator with questions about Street Law's Breakfast with a Legend™ program, please contact Deborah Foster

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