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Street Law, Inc.

Over 40 years of educating about law, democracy, and human rights

  • Participating law firms, bar associations, and agencies

The Honorable José M. Lopéz, presiding judge, tax & probate division, Superior Court of the District of Columbia has served as a Legend for three years.

Street Law's Breakfast with a Legend™ program is a rewarding way for legal organizations of all sizes to give back to their communities by empowering young people through law-related education. 

Research indicates that the average time a child talks in a positive manner with an adult is less than seven minutes a day.  This underscores the need for sustained interaction with positive adult role models, and legal professionals can help meet this important need.   Through carefully structured, interactive lessons, children in the Breakfast with a Legend™ program can have positive experiences with adults.

Participation in the program provides law firms and bar associations with an excellent public relations opportunity to increase their visibility.  It is also an outstanding team-building activity that increases cohesiveness among participants.  

Law firms might invite corporate clients to participate with them to enrich their partnership and show a commitment to diversity. This option might be of particular interest to law firms working with corporations that already participate in Street Law, Inc.’s Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline Program, which partners them with high schools to encourage students of color to consider careers in the legal profession.

This unique opportunity is not only altruistic, but fun for all.  Every participant can benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of the students!

  • Students

In addition to benefiting from positive interactions with multiple adult role models, students also reap certain academic benefits. Through active learning students gain knowledge of practical information about the law and the importance of civic participation. Their reading and comprehension skills are enhanced through creative, interactive educational activities. Throughout the program students keep journals of their experiences, which helps strengthen their writing skills.

Teachers may choose to use enhancement activities that deepen students’ connections to their
communities. Examples of these activities include designing posters, field trips, and oral history projects.

  • Legends

This program gives Legends an opportunity to help develop and nurture the minds of children. Through educating children about the law, Legends create an environment in which young people respect rules and laws and understand the importance of participating and giving back to their communities.

Legends benefit from stepping out of their daily professional routine into the excitement, energy and enthusiasm of the world of a child. Children appreciate the visits from the Legends and exhibit this in a number of ways, including smiles and spontaneous cheers.

Serving as a Legend also enhances and elevates a participant’s status as a civic leader.

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